Forensic Schedule Analysis and Delay Analysis Training Course


A Forensic Schedule Analysis will determine the root cause of project delays and its effect on the suggested schedule by using an established schedule analysis technique appropriate for the particular project under analysis. Forensic schedule analysis determines how specific events impact a project schedule. This training course will equip you and your employees, working as Planning Engineers, Contract Managers, Planners, Quantity Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Contract Administrators, Commercial Managers, with a brief overview and skills to quantify delay, determine causation, and assess responsibility and financial consequences for delay. This course is primarily intended for intermediate and advanced level professionals, but not limited to these, the following types of projects (Civil Engineering, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Infrastructure, Power Plants, Nuclear, Buildings and Pipeline Projects) in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Sectors. You will be advised about the potential risks of proceeding with a project, should a forensic schedule analyst be required to take short cuts or rely upon the work of others to stay within a very tight budget. So, training your employees to carry out forensic schedule analysis which is required either during the project execution or during dispute proceedings would be very valuable.

Why do you need to follow this programme at CCM?

This programme will be delivered by an expert who is highly qualified in forensic schedule analysis with over 30 years’ experience. He has been involved in a number of programmes as an experienced lecturer and trainer. The programme will be delivered in an interactive and practical format. The course will include practical examples and case studies. Hence the course content reflects the practical aspects and challenges faced by the professionals in the industry and the industry as a whole.

Course length: 
2 day weekend training course