SCL International Medal

The 2020 “SCL International Medal” will be presented at the 9th International SCL Conference in Auckland, New Zealand in November 2020.  The SCL International Medal was first awarded at the 8th International SCL Conference in Chicago in 2018, where the recipient was Sir Vivian Ramsey.

There are two stages prior to the awarding of the medal.  The first one is for each SCL to nominate a person (or persons) to receive the medal.  The second stage is for each SCL to vote for the recipient of the medal.  SCLs are, for these purposes, to act through their Chairs or Presidents or their nominees.  

The rules for the SCL International Medal are non-prescriptive as to the criteria for the award of the medal.  The requirement is simply that the recipient be someone who is adjudged “to have made a major contribution to construction law internationally”.  The rules do not prescribe any sub-criteria for the achievement of this standard, and each SCL is free to approach the matter in a manner it considers appropriate (including by developing its own sub-criteria).  It may be emphasised, however, that the SCL International Medal is focussed upon a person who has made a major “international” contribution to construction law, as opposed to one which has been made wholly within a particular jurisdiction.

Invitation to Nominate

SCLs are hereby invited to nominate a person (or persons) for the 2020 SCL International Medal. SCLs may nominate more than one person for the medal, although the medal will only be awarded to one person.  Furthermore, SCLs may nominate a person from a jurisdiction other than their own.  There is no obligation on any SCL to nominate or to vote for a recipient of the medal, although each SCL is warmly encouraged to do so.

Nominations are to be accompanied by supporting information, including reasons for nominating a particular person (or persons) to be awarded the medal.  Details of each nominee will be circulated to SCLs as part of the second stage of the medal award process, and for this reason SCLs are encouraged to be concise with their supporting information, to ensure that there is not a deluge of supporting information to be circulated.

The Nomination Form may be downloaded to be used for each nomination.

SCLs are requested to revert to me with their nominations by 31 March 2020.  

I look forward to hearing from you.

Julian Bailey
SCL International Medal Co-ordinator

16 January 2020