Structuring Considerations In Developing Data Centre Projects (7 May 2024, 5pm - 7.30pm (GMT+8))

Data centres have become the backbone of the global economy, supporting the exponential growth of several industries. The development and construction phase of data centre projects holds paramount importance in ensuring its successful implementation. This seminar delves into the essential considerations and best practices necessary for effectively managing the construction aspects of data centre development. By addressing critical considerations from site selection to contract structuring, risk mitigation and insurance, attendees will gain valuable insights that may contribute to the successful development of such infrastructure.

The Dog Ate My Homework: Adverse Weather, Governmental Delay, Illegal Performance, "Outbreak" and Other Excuses (12 April 2024)

This is Not Another Covid-19 Force Majeure Talk. Join us for a seminar where our speakers Kelvin and Joanna discuss the law behind commonly-seen excuses for not performing the contract. They will discuss clauses which allow the contractor to escape the consequences of not carrying out the contract, including the implications of extensions of time and force majeure clauses and frustration. They will delve into issues such as when is weather “exceptionally” adverse, when is government delay a ground for EOT and who is the “governmental authority”, when do illegal acts justify non-performance, and when does a disease become an “outbreak”— things and factors often encountered in construction projects which have the potential to significantly impact the progress of works. This seminar, which will address issues faced by employers, contractors, consultants, and other professionals, comes at an opportune time, given the increasingly complex and challenging world that we live in. Gain insights into navigating contractual complexities and mitigating risks associated with these challenges.

IN PERSON: Mastering Infrastructure Arbitration: Navigating Complex Cases with Legal Expertise and Technical Acumen

The speakers will share their expertise and experience on how best to navigate large-scale, intricate infrastructure arbitration cases. The topics covered include the comprehensive lifecycle of such matters, commencing with pre-arbitration strategies and encompassing key stages like evidence gathering, expert testimony, and the final award. The focal point of the seminar will revolve around the distinctive technical intricacies encountered in infrastructure-related disputes and the indispensable legal and arbitration skills requisite for successfully handling these cases. Attendees can expect an in-depth exploration of the novel challenges encompassing infrastructure arbitration, such as intricate engineering and design issues, claims arising from delays and disruptions, contractual disputes, and environmental considerations. This seminar offers an unparalleled opportunity for participants to glean insights from esteemed experts in the field, exchange ideas, and forge valuable professional connections.

IN PERSON: Empowering Construction Arbitration: Unlocking the Potential of Third-Party Funding

This seminar presents a comprehensive exploration of the growing trend of third-party funding in the construction industry. Designed for legal professionals, arbitrators, and stakeholders, this seminar offers valuable insights into the advantages, challenges, and ethical considerations associated with third-party funding in construction arbitration...