The Society of Construction Law (Australia) is a single national organisation.  Its members are drawn from all professions involved with the construction industry and representatives and the legal and consulting professions who share an interest in construction law.

The Society encourages the widest possible involvement of all its membership and encourages discourse across the broad spectrum of issues which comprise the subject of construction law and its impact on the industry.

The object of the Society of Construction Law Australia as stated in the Constitution is:

'… to promote the education, study and research (and publication of the useful results of such research) in the field of construction law and related subjects both in Australia and overseas for the benefit of the public and the construction industry.'

The Society has a number of publications for sale on its website.  The eShop can be found here.  The full resources available through the Society can be found here.  Society members are entitled to a generously discounted subscription to the Australian Construction Law Newsletter.  Details can be found here.

Formal information about the Society can be found on our Contact page. Our Constitution can be found here. Details regarding membership can be found here.

Officials of this Society

Position Name
Current Chairperson Basil Georgiou Contact person by email
International Liaison Phillip Greenham Contact person by email
International Liaison Ian Bailey Contact person by email
SCL-Secretariat Kara Vague Contact person by email